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Jackson Hinkle

Instagram took action against Jackson Hinkle, a prominent pro-Hamas influencer, after he disseminated false information and shared doctored images.

Rachel O’Donoghue, Honest Reporting

It’s difficult to say which specific event finally served as the proverbial straw that (partially) broke the camel’s back for Jackson Hinkle’s propaganda machine. However, the posting of numerous photoshopped images depicting him ‘meeting’ world leaders, such as the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, might have been a significant factor in Hinkle’s Instagram page being removed.

Another factor that may have compelled Meta, Instagram’s parent company, to finally take action could have been the steady stream of disinformation published on his page. This includes disputing the well-documented instances of chemical weapons used by Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, whom Hinkle adoringly refers to as a “hero.”

In fact, on the very day Hinkle’s social media pages were taken down, he was busy spreading another appalling lie: he stated Ukraine was responsible for the horrific Moscow concert hall terror attack.

And in true Hinkle form, it did not matter that Islamist terror group ISIS had claimed responsibility for the attack, including releasing footage that the terrorists filmed of themselves shooting civilians at point-blank range.

As was the case with the October 7 massacre in which Hamas terrorists captured their atrocities on bodyworn cam, Hinkle still denied ISIS terrorists were behind the bloodshed even as they proudly broadcast their murderous rampage to billions around the world.


In any event, sanity has prevailed. Hinkle’s delusional and incoherent ramblings, which have mostly praised Hamas and its spokesman Abu Obeida, of whom Hinkle appears to be particularly fond, will no longer be heard or seen on Instagram.

Meta’s decision to de-platform the American influencer comes after HonestReporting and other organizations laid bare disturbing ways in which Hinkle has spread false information about the Israel-Hamas war.

We reported in December:

While there are almost too many flagrant instances of him sharing disinformation about Israel’s battle against Hamas to count, Hinkle appears to “specialize” in sharing outright fake pieces of information, including doctored and computer-generated imagery […]

While Hinkle is far from alone in profiting off the Israel-Hamas war as builds a career for himself as an influencer, the fact that he is profiting off pumping out fake news is simply staggering.

Billionaire Elon Musk has promised to help tackle the proliferation of fake news and propaganda on X by demonetizing content creators who are responsible.”

Jackson Hinkle

While Meta has done the right thing in removing Hinkle, he remains one of the biggest propagators of false information on X (formerly Twitter) where he has amassed 2.4 million followers.

It is time for Elon Musk’s X to follow suit and permanently remove Hinkle from the platform.

In the last week alone, millions of people saw posts on X from Hinkle in which he claimed Ukraine had orchestrated a terror attack in Moscow and purported that doctored imagery and video were real.

How many of these millions know that Hinkle is a pathological liar who specializes in spreading fake news?

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