In the midst of Operation Pillar of Defense, people around the world rallied to show their solidarity with Israel during her time of need. In Australia, about 4,000 Jews in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra participated in rallies that were dubbed as “Code Red” by the Zionist Federation of Australia. The participants, many dressed in red, heard the 15-second “code red” siren that had been heard across Israel as Hamas continued to fire rockets towards Israeli civilian population centers.

In Germany, around 500 people partook in a pro-Israel rally in Berlin’s commercial center which was organized by the Mideast Freedom Forum, an interfaith pro-Israel organization. In Poland, about 20 pro-Israel supporters showed up in front of the Israeli Embassy to voice their solidarity. The Paris pro-Israel demonstration had an impressive turn-out of 2,500 people and not all of them were Jewish. Joel Mergui, president of the Israelite Consistory of France, declared at this rally, “The terrorism that wants to kill in Israel is the same that attacks Jewish children in France.”

In Toronto, Canada, 150 people demonstrated in support of Israel during Operation Pillar of Defense outside the Israeli Consulate. According to a report in the Shalom Toronto newspaper, during the rally, 99 red balloons with the names of the Israeli communities that were under constant rocket attacks were released into the air. Arutz Sheva reported, “Before releasing the balloons into the air, the demonstrators counted to 15, illustrating the 15 seconds Israelis in southern Israel have to get into their shelters upon hearing the Color Red siren.”

Many Americans also came out to support Israel during this critical time. In New York, despite the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, thousands came out to support Israel. In Boston, 1,000 people rallied for Israel. The Jerusalem Post reported that Boston’s event was a joint effort organized by a dozen synagogues, schools, and Jewish nonprofit organizations. Not to mention that 1,400 Jews also demonstrated in Los Angeles for Israel. Indeed, despite the trauma Americans experienced with Hurricane Sandy, the American public is still very much motivated to come out to aid Israel. In fact, there are people around the world who very much want to vocalize their support for the Jewish State.

Reported by Rachel Avraham for United With Israel

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