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The left-wing Die Linke party called to cut German military cooperation with Israel if it extends sovereignty over Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

The German left wing party Die Linke (literally “the left”) is threatening to push the German government to retaliate and punish Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu goes ahead with plans to apply Israeli sovereignty to settlement areas in Judea and Samaria.

If Israel moves ahead with extended sovereignty, “Die Linke is committed to suspending the EU-Israel Association Agreement” and “reaffirms its demand to cease [German] military cooperation with Israel,” the party said on its Facebook page.

“Die Linke calls on the Federal Government to condemn the annexation plans of the Israeli government and as a member of the UN Security Council to ensure that the European Union rejects the annexation plans of the Israeli government in a single voice,” the party said.

Die Linke supports BDS and opposes the German government’s decision that designated the BDS Israel boycott movement as anti-Semitic.

Also, there is little consensus about Die Linke’s extremist far-left ideology.

At a party conference in March of this year, some party members also fell back to old-school Marxist-Leninist rhetoric and called for shooting wealthy Germans or putting them into forced labor, the Jerusalem Post reported.

A Die Linke member identified as Sandra L. explained that after the “revolution” there would be more steps needed after “we have shot the one percent of the richest.”

Party leader Bernd Riexinger responded to the comment, saying “we don’t shoot them, we use them for useful work,” bringing up horrific visions of the forced labor that the Nazis used to exterminate not just Jews, but also any political opponents.

Die Linke members are also known for their support of Iran and its proxy Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, both of whom have stated that their goal is the complete annihilation of Israel.



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