United with Israel ran a Purim campaign aimed at bringing comfort to families that have suffered from acts of terror. This is done through Purim gifts and notes of consolation.

We are happy to report that United with Israel’s Purim Campaign for Israel’s victims of terror was a huge success! Hundreds of Purim baskets, absolutely gorgeous – filled with tons of holiday treats – were very much appreciated by the families. We visited with some of these heroic families and were thrilled to see first-hand how well the Purim goodies were received. The toys were an added touch for the special children who have suffered so much. And your personal notes that we delivered truly touched the hearts of the recipients. Thank you very much for making this possible!

Since its independence, Israel has suffered from acts of terror such as suicide bombings, drive-by shootings, rocket attacks and more. Today, Israel is surrounded by modern day “Hamans”, otherwise known as Hamas, Hezbollah and today’s Persia (= Iran), with its evil dictator openly calling for the destruction of Israel.

Despite all of the difficulties we face in Israel, Purim is the time to focus on the joys of life! Although many of these families have endured so much pain for so long, both physically and emotionally, the blessing and joy that Purim brings has the magical ability to allow those who have suffered to truly rejoice. We are proud to have been a part of that joy – and you should be too! Hundreds of baskets were delivered because of your kindness and generosity!


Together, we have helped to brighten the Purim holiday for families who continue to suffer from the horrific pain and trauma of a terror attack. Your message of comfort has gone a long way to make the holiday extra special for the victims.

The families wish to thank you deeply for sharing both in their pain and joy. Thank you for standing United with the People of Israel. May God bless all of you wonderful friends of Israel!

We invite you to watch the video below and see for yourself what a blessing it was!