Rapper, actor, and well-known anti-Semite - Ice Cube. June 20, 2017. (Invision/AP/Amy Sussman) (Invision/AP/Amy Sussman)
Ice Cube

Well-known rapper/actor is slammed for yet another burst of anti-Semitism, this time for a series of posts on his Twitter account.

By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

Ice Cube put himself in hot water again Thursday after a series of anti-Semitic tweets he posted over the past week.

In his latest anti-Semitic outburst, the rapper posted, “The Honorable Louis Farrakhan continues to warn America to this very second and he’s labeled one of your ‘evil names’ and you turn your ears off. Why is the truth so offensive that you can’t stand to hear it?”

Farrakhan is probably the most well-known Islamic hate preacher in the U.S. and has promoted the most vile conspiracies about Jews over the course of many decades. Ice Cube claimed to have converted to Islam in the 1990s, referring to himself as a “natural Muslim.”

His ugly rants were criticized by a broad spectrum of organizations such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center and individuals like pro-Israel fighter David Collier.

However, the actor and rapper, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, was harshly condemned in the mainstream media after posting a series of tweets with notorious anti-Semitic pictures and praise of anti-Semitic activist Louis Farrakhan.

“Ice Cube’s been sharing anti-Semitic memes of late. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” wrote the popular news website Daily Beast.

In an article describing “Ice Cube’s long, disturbing history of anti-Semitism,” the Daily Beast chronicled Ice Cube’s ongoing hatred of the Jews.

Last weekend Ice Cube, who has 5.3 million followers on Twitter, posted another image that is a well-known anti-Semitic mural showing Jews playing the game of Monopoly on the backs of people of color.

The Daily Beast pointed out that the Monopoly picture Ice Cube tweeted is like others that “mirror anti-Semitic propaganda used by Hitler and the Nazis to whip up hatred that led to the massacre of millions of Jews.”

“It is hard to give Ice Cube the benefit of the doubt given the fact that his anti-Semitic activities have extended beyond the realm of the internet. He’s an ardent supporter of Louis Farrakhan, one of the world’s most prominent anti-Semites,” the site noted.

The Anti Defamation League has studied Farrakhan, documenting more than 30 years of his publicized hatred against Jews, whites and the LGBT community. Farrakhan has said several times that Jews belong to the “synagogue of Satan.”



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