The two brothers harassed at Manchester Airport. (Twitter Screenshot) (Twitter Screenshot)
nova survivors


They were then detained and questioned, with their entry to the UK delayed by more than two hours.

By World Israel News

Two Israeli brothers who survived the Oct. 7th Nova Festival massacre were reportedly harassed by staff at a British airport, who told the men they needed additional screening to ensure they wouldn’t “do what they’re doing in Gaza” in the UK.

Border Force officers immediately began harassing the men after they produced Israeli passports upon landing in Manchester Airport, according to a letter about the incident from the watchdog group Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region (JRCGM).

The pair explained to the officers that they had traveled to the UK to speak about their personal story of survival during the massacre, and had been invited by a non-profit organization raising money for October 7th survivors.

They were then detained and questioned, with their entry to the UK delayed by more than two hours.

When asked why they were subject to such strict screening, the officers replied that they “had to make sure that you are not going to do what you are doing in Gaza over here.”

In a video which captured part of the incident, the officers are seen speaking in an “aggressive, unnecessary and demeaning tone” towards the Israelis, the JRCGM wrote.

Officers can be heard scolding the brothers, telling them to “keep quiet, look at me, are you clear with that? We are the bosses, not you” in the clip.

“This is another shocking incident where UK government employees target Jews and discriminate against them because they oppose Israel’s actions in defending itself in Gaza,” said North West Friends of Israel co-chair Raphi Bloom in a media statement.

“In this case it was a border control officer and last week it was nurses at one of Manchester’s largest hospital. Jews are increasingly scared to identify themselves in public places.

“The UK government has promised to act on extremism and Jew hate but so far these are empty words. These civil servants needs to be sacked and the police investigate them for antisemitism immediately.”

Home Secretary James Cleverly posted on his X account that the incident would be investigated.

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