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While the world continues to go against Israel, there was strong support from the US Congress. But the terror continues, both within Israel and outside, with attacks against innocent supermarket shoppers in Israel and a Jewish couple in France. This and more in our week in review. 

1. Supermarket Stabbing: Arab Wounds Jewish Shoppers

An Arab terrorist stabbed two Jews at the Rami Levy Supermarket in Mishor Adumim, a short drive outside of Jerusalem. We give a personal take on this tragedy.

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2. Vicious, Depraved Anti-Semitic Attack in France

The most barbaric European anti-Semitic attack in recent history rocks France, a hotbed for anti-Israel activity where hating Jews is increasingly fashionable.

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3.French Parliament Recognizes ‘Palestinian State’

An overwhelming majority of the French parliament voted in favor of symbolically recognizing a “Palestinian state”, with 339 votes in favor, and 151 against.

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4. U.S. Congress Bill Affirms Israel as ‘Major Strategic Partner’

The U.S. Congress overwhelmingly approved a bill that will further enhance U.S.-Israel ties, highlighting the alliance between the two countries.   

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5. Despite Wave of Terror, Jewish Immigrants Flock to Israel

While Arab terror attacks in Israel mount, Aliyah from America continues to increase sharply. Many Americans considering immigration feel that Israel is actually safer than many American cities.

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