(Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90) (Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)
rise in terror


Rockets from Gaza hit a home in Sderot that was hosting a summer camp for children. No one was hurt. Violence and fires in Jerusalem are also increasing.

rockets from gaza

Damage in southern Israel by rockets from Gaza fired recently. (Photo: Flash90)

A Kassam rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza struck a building in Sderot Thursday morning. No one was injured, but a home being used this summer as the base for a summer day camp suffered extensive damage.

In what seemed like a miracle, the rocket did not explode, and all the damage was sustained from the impact of the rocket. Children had been set to come to the building for their day at camp just a few minutes after the attack.

It was the second building to be hit in Sderot since midnight. At least eight rockets fired from Gaza hit areas within Israel. Two of the rockets fired Thursday morning were deflected by Iron Dome missiles.

Overnight Wednesday, several other rockets hit Israel, with one causing damage to a building in Sderot. No one was injured in that attack, and electricity was cut off to several buildings in the area.

Rockets, Local Violence and Forest Fires on the Rise

The Red Alert warning system sounded several times in southern Israel during the early hours of Thursday morning due to rockets from Gaza.

In response to the increasing rocket attacks, IDF forces struck early Thursday in Gaza. Gaza sources reported several injuries in the IDF strike.

rockets from gaza

Firefighters trying to extinguish a fire at a factory in Even Sapir near Jerusalem Thursday morning. (Photo: Flash90)

The security cabinet met again Wednesday night to discuss the current situation. The cabinet has yet to announce any decisions about the increasing attacks from Hamas in Gaza or the fierce rioting in Jerusalem this week, as well as the massive fires that have been breaking out in and around the city, forcing residents to evacuate their homes. Many are questioning whether these fires were cause by the hot and windy weather conditions or by terror.

(Source: Arutz Sheva – Israel National News)

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