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As the Jewish new year approaches, Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund is there to ensure that every child suffering from terror-induced trauma is properly cared for.

Rosh Hashanah is more than the Jewish New Year. It’s more than dramatic shofar blasts and dipping apples into honey. Rosh Hashanah is also about family. It is a time when Jewish families come together to celebrate the year that passed while showing hope and optimism for the coming year ahead. It is a profoundly meaningful opportunity for togetherness and bonding with parents, siblings and extended family.

Sadly, however, many Israeli families will never be able to celebrate this high holiday with their loved ones. Since 1993, nearly 2,000 Israelis have been killed in terror attacks, with devastating long-term effects for their families. Far too many children have been left without parents, and far too many brothers and sisters will never have the chance to celebrate together again. The loss and suffering are heartbreaking.

In May alone, Yonatan Havakuk, 44, Boaz Gol, 49, and Oren Ben Yiftah, 35, were all killed in a gruesome terror attack in the central city of Elad. The three were all fathers of large families who together left behind 16 orphans.

When the headlines of these devastating attacks become yesterday’s news, it is the victim’s families that are left picking up the pieces. Fortunately, this is when Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund (SICF) steps in to help.

SICF provides a wide range of therapies for Israeli children who have suffered from PTSD from violent terrorism, offering an array of treatments, including animal-assisted therapy, music therapy, sports therapy, and art therapy.

In 2001, David Rubin and his then 3-year-old son were driving home from Jerusalem when a hail of terrorists’ bullets struck their car. Fortunately, both David and his son survived, but the physical wounds and psychological trauma they both experienced inspired Rubin to establish the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund to support badly needed therapeutic, educational, and recreational projects for children in the Biblical heartland of Israel.

As vehicular terrorism throughout Israel continues to plague Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, SICF is there to ensure that every child suffering from terror-induced trauma is properly cared for, with the long-term goal of building a brighter future for the children of Israel.

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