A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the Israeli “Start-Up Map” – a graphic illustration of where Israeli start-up high-tech companies are located, who runs these companies, and what they do, is worth millions if not billions more!



Powered by Mapped In Israel

Mapped In Israel was built by Ben Lang to visualize the Start-Up Nation. The map shows how much of a powerhouse Israel is in the tech field. You can explore over 800 companies, including startups, ventures firms, accelerators, R&D centers and more. From Nahariya all the way to Eilat the country is filled with startups.

There’s also a “who’s hiring” list helping anyone interested in finding a tech job in Israel connect with the right companies.

Ben Lang, a young entrepreneur who made aliya with his family last year and is now serving in the IDF, said he built the map mostly to show off Israeli tech. “I want to show the world how advanced Israel is in technology. The story of Israeli tech success is not only great because it advances the Israeli economy, but because it helps the world, too.”

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