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Water is becoming a scarce commodity in the world. Israel, however, has already developed applicable solutions to alleviate the global crisis. 

The governors of Arizona and Colorado are set to headline a Las Vegas summit focusing on solutions for water challenges on Monday, with an eye on Israel’s expertise in the field.

The summit, sponsored by the US Chamber of Commerce and the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce, will feature Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

Titled “BusinessH2O Summit: Water Management Best Practices from the US and Israel,” the summit brings together business leaders, government officials and water experts to discuss best practices in corporate water stewardship and public policies in order to address the growing demand for water.

Topics include trends, risks and emerging solutions to water issues and improving water laws and regulations to ensure economic growth.

Business leaders will discuss how companies can effectively use new water technologies and best practices for water stewardship.

Scheduled speakers include US Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Israeli Minister of Economy Moshe Kahlon.

Israel has become a regional water empire due to its advanced desalinization plants. Its water technologies are highly sought around the world.

From California to Africa, there is a global water shortage, yet Israel, a tiny country in the middle of a desert, has found remarkable solutions.

Regularly affected by drought, Israel has prioritized the establishment of desalination plants and the development of economical desalination systems and other innovative solutions.

By: United with Israel Staff

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