photo credit: Danielle Ziri

At a time when Arab protesters have attacked United States embassies throughout the world including Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Malaysia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Yemen, Iraq and Iran, a group of Israelis decided to rally in support of the United States outside of the American embassy in Tel Aviv.  Participants waved US and Israeli flags and signs including one large sign which read: “Israel – America’s Best Friend In The Middle East.”

Ronen Shoval, organizer of the gathering explained: “At a time where us embassies are burned around the world, we want to support the American people.  The attacks on US embassies are attacks on freedom and liberty.  Americans should be proud if what they represent, the free world.  We are here to support the American people.” 

A woman at the rally said she “We need your help, we need to educate America about the greatness of Israel.”

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