Previous administrations have given varying amounts of leeway to Israel on the issue of construction - usually not very much - and have also pushed for the two-state solution, usually to Israel's disadvantage. The Trump administration could change all that.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran's decisions will not be affected by elections results in the US and President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, asserting that Washington's policies on Iran have always remained hostile, irrespective of the leadership.

The 2016 presidential race appears to have been whittled down to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, both of whom have a large following and have a good chance of becoming president. But where do they stand on Israel?

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton discussed her views on Israel, claiming she will show strong support for the Jewish state. There were, however, episodes in her past that raise questions as to how she will treat Israel if elected president.

In 2016 Jews are once again embedded in this political drama of electing a new national leader. Twelve principles of American Jewish political practice are introduced here as a way to provide a roadmap to understand the nature and character of the Jewish community in this election year...

If Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination, he'll be the first Jewish presidential nominee of a major political party. But when it comes to his views on Israel, some Jewish Democrats are scratching their heads in confusion.