Hamas freed six more Israelis from captivity in the Gaza Strip shortly before midnight on Thursday, bringing the total number of hostages released on the seventh day of the ceasefire to eight.

Hamas leaders have repeatedly demonstrated that they care nothing for the well-being of Arabs and Muslims as they live a life of luxury while Gaza burns.

The Israeli National Security Council chief has stated that the agreement is not expected to be put into action before Friday, as there are reports suggesting that Hamas has not yet agreed to the terms of the deal.

"Negotiating with terrorists never works. Biden's insistence that Israel bargain with Hamas is as tragically wrong as his swapping $6 billion with Iran for five U.S. hostages," wrote the former U.S. official John Bolton.

The chief of Israel’s Defense Forces told southern community leaders, “We are aware that we failed to defend your communities. We weren’t prepared for this kind of scenario. We will learn lessons from this mistake.”