Based on what Israel's youth has accomplished over the past 12 months, the Jewish state faces a very bright future.

Whether it's the ethnic or religious minorities, women, the disabled or any other group that historically suffered discrimination, all are treated equally in Israel.

Israel's latest medical achievements are very impressive! From brain damage detection to blood pressure treatments to remedial shoes, Israeli medical teams are on the front lines of improving the world's health.

Today, there are many evils that again threaten to flood the planet, but at least now we have a nation - Israel - busy re-constructing the world.

A key feature of the upcoming festival of Sukkot (Tabernacles) is the Arba Minim (four species). When put together they symbolize the human body – the focus of Israel’s medical, scientific and humanitarian work.

Israel’s tiny geographic size contrasts with the immense benefit it brings to the world. Many of Israel’s greatest and potential successes started very small indeed.

Supporting Israel is only natural, given the 64-year-old state's remarkable global contributions in so many areas. This column focuses on natural remedies.

Michael Ordman writes that Israel’s cup is truly running over, due to the water technology that it brings to a parched world.