As the video proclaims, “Am Yisrael Chai!: – The Jewish Nation Lives Forever! Known by his stage name “Rav Mo,” Rabbi Moshe Friedman is a rapper and a spoken word artist who has produced music videos with international acclaim. In this inspiring yet humorous music video, Rav Mo celebrates the eternity of the Jewish People,... Read more »

This is an excellent video featuring Ari Goldwag, a popular Israeli singer who sings about the importance of unity and of being one nation. He shows how regardless of who the person is, the people of Israel are like one person, with one heart.

Fatah - a Palestinian political party has released a song glorifying “The heroic Martyr Muhammad Majdi Abu Shawish ‘Al-Za’anin". Za'anin believed that the only way to liberate "Palestine" is through armed resistance.