Jeffrey Goldberg continues to spout his leftist views, hoping to spread ideas that have already been proven outdated and wrong, and attacks Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at every opportunity. This time, the Prime Minister's spokesman responded.

President Obama's order to fly flags at half-staff covers all federal buildings and grounds throughout the United States and its territories, as well as US embassies, military bases and other facilities abroad.

At 29, Peres served as director of Israel's Defense Ministry and helped arm Israel's military. He developed Israel's nuclear program, launched a political career stretching more than 60 years and became president at 83. He also focused on promoting Israeli innovation and technology.

RE: 'Peres slams Israeli critics of Obama: It wouldn’t hurt us to say thank you' (The Jerusalem Post). Yes, it would hurt!

Hamas’s continued rocket fire has forced Israel to resume Operation Protective Edge after a six-hour, one-sided ceasefire.