Palestinian Knifer

The Palestinians' self-proclaimed Knife Intifada is the latest result of ongoing incitement against innocent Israelis. Help Israel to fight and win the war against terror. The time to help is now!

Gifts from Israel

A great way to kick-off the shopping season is to buy your holiday gifts from Israel. Save 25% when you help Israel by turning 'Cyber Monday' into a BLUE AND WHITE shopping experience! (Use coupon code ISRAEL25).

On August 10, 2014, during Israel's Operation Protective Edge, prominent songwriter David Draiman (Disturbed, Device) published the following article in support of Israel.

The Jewish people and the African American community both have a shared history of affliction, persecution, and enslavement. Just as the Jews were slaves in Egypt and suffered much persecution throughout their 2,000 years living in a Diaspora, so were the African Americans enslaved and endured much discrimination in America. For this reason, many Jews sympathized with the African American struggle for freedom and this sympathy would lead to many prominent African American leaders sympathizing with Zionism. Indeed, both African American and Jewish leaders saw parallels between African American history in America and Jewish history. Thus, both the African American and Jewish community have common values, thus illustrating why the African American community should support Israel.

Recent reports indicate that major multinational corporations such as L’Oreal, Caterpillar, Veolia Transportation, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are supporting and investing in Israel. Listed below are just of few of the ways in which these companies invest in the Israeli economy. With deep business ties to Israel, the French cosmetic company L’Oreal not only uses... Read more »

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United with Israel provides a myriad of opportunities to support Israel online. As a grassroots movement that unites pro-Israel activists around the world, United with Israel supports struggling Israeli communities in the south that have faced numerous qassam rocket attacks over the last 13 years. By raising funds online to build bomb shelters and plant fruit trees... Read more »

Ceylan Ozbudak is a Turkish TV commentator, peace activist, and supporter of the State of Israel. According to Ozbudak, “I know that Israel has this democratic perspective which is very hard to find in the Middle East. There are minorities in the Knesset, which is hard to find in Middle East.” She continued, “The democracy of Israel is something that we should all take an example from, as well as the religiousness. I am a religious person and respect religion."

Kasim Kaz Hafeez, a British Muslim of Pakistani origin, is a proud supporter of the State of Israel. As the founder of the Israel Campaign and a member of the advisory board of Stand With US in the United Kingdom, he frequently tours the world speaking out for Israel and publishes pro-Israel articles such as one titled Muslim, Zionist and Proud, which was published in Yedioth Achronot.

The Czech Republic was the only country within Europe who supported Israel by voting against accepting Palestine as a non-member state of the UN General Assembly, giving the Palestinians a status similar to the Vatican.

Be sure to watch this touching Spanish Music Video (with English subtitles). The video is entitled “The Promise of my Love, Israel…” – for very good reason. We hope you all connect with the message and enjoy it. We welcome you to send us your own video tributes to Israel that we are happy to... Read more »