Recently, the BBC erased the name of Israel, Jews and Israeli companies from a program discussing the use of genetics to improve the drought resistance of wheat. So I decided to unmask some of Israel's global activities that benefit the world.

Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered how the brain compensates for the loss of one of the senses (e.g. sight) by improving another (e.g. hearing), and Israeli startups BioGaming and Motorika use virtual-reality and robotics technology to introduce fun into physical therapy exercises.

The Israeli emergency response organization ZAKA has received official consultative status from the United Nations after three years of trying to secure that designation. ZAKA will now be recognized as an official body in the UN, which gives it the right to participate in official UN discussions.

“If it’s clear who the terrorist and victim are and there’s only one doctor, the doctor should first take care of the victim and not the terrorist, even if the terrorist's medical situation is worse.” - Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, Jerusalem Center of Ethics