An SA-22 surface-to-air missile launcher. (Alma Research and Education Center via JNS) (Alma Research and Education Center via JNS)
Hezbollah missile

A new assessment by Alma Center finds that Hezbollah’s advanced conventional weapons arsenal includes cruise missiles.


The Hezbollah terror organization is apparently facing a difficult struggle in setting up a precision-guided missile program on Lebanese soil and has so far likely amassed dozens of precision missiles—possibly more than 100 such precision ballistic missiles—a new report by the Alma Research and Education Center has found.

Most of those missiles are made up of medium-range Fatah 110 (also known as M600s) “received directly from Iran or otherwise missiles assembled on Syrian soil transferring them to Lebanon,” said the report.

It assessed that Hezbollah’s current total arsenal of “Advanced Conventional Weapons” (ACW) totals several hundred and includes “the precision missiles already in its possession, as well as cruise missiles (apparently, Iranian), advanced coastal missiles (Yakhont and C-802), anti-aircraft missiles (SA-17, SA-22), miniature submarines and torpedoes.”

Hezbollah likely possesses at least 2,000 unmanned aerial vehicles, noted the report.

The organization’s arsenal of “regular missiles and mortars” includes 5,000 long- and medium-range missiles, 65,000 short-range rockets and missiles, and 145,000 mortars, according to the document.