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According to this official UN history, Palestinians have not attacked, let alone killed, a single Jew. The only aggression mentioned is from Jewish and Zionist groups.

By Elder of Ziyon, The Algemeiner

The UN has a webpage where it shows a timeline on the “Question of Palestine.”

It is extremely biased.

It starts with “1885 — The term ‘Zionism’ first coined by the Viennese writer, Nathan Birnbaum.”

There is no mention of Jewish history in the region for thousands of years. No mention of Jewish kingdoms. No mention of the centrality of Eretz Israel and Jerusalem to Judaism. No mention of the Bible.

But after that, it simply ignores or whitewashes every single act of terrorism by Palestine’s Arabs.

It doesn’t mention the murderous Palestinian pogrom against Jews in 1929.

It says, “1936/1939 — Palestinian rebellion against the British Mandate and Jewish immigration.” But not that Arabs murdered Jews, just that it was a “rebellion.”

It doesn’t say anything about the Arab League boycott of Jews.

It doesn’t mention any Arab attacks on Jews in 1947-48. No outbreak of hostilities hours after the UN Partition resolution, no mention of the constant attacks on Jewish civilians, no mention of the Hadassah Hospital convoy massacre, or the many other attacks on Jewish civilians — but it does mention Deir Yassin, and exaggerates the number of dead as “hundreds.”

There were scores of fedayeen attacks by Palestinian Arabs against Israel in the 1950s and 60s. Not one incident is mentioned.

But the UN describes the 1966 As-Samu incident, where Israeli and Jordanian troops battled after a land mine killed three IDF soldiers, as a “massacre” of Palestinians; 15 Jordanian soldiers and three civilians were killed. It was not a massacre by any definition.

There is not one mention of Palestinian airplane hijackings in the 1960s and 1970s.

It says, “1987 — First ‘Intifada’ begins in the Jabaliya Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip.” It doesn’t mention that the intifada killed hundreds of Israelis. The many terror attacks that occurred during the Oslo process are nowhere to be found.

Similarly, it says, “Ariel Sharon’s al-Haram al-Sharif visit in September 2000 triggers the Second Palestinian Intifada.”

Not a word about Palestinian suicide bombings, or bus bombings, or attacks on pizza shops and Passover seders and bar mitzvahs.

And of course no mention later about rockets from Gaza, massacring rabbis, or kidnapping and murdering women and children. Hamas is not mentioned as a terror group — or even militant group. In fact, the word “terror” is nowhere to be seen. Neither is “Islam,” “Muslim” or “Jihad,” although Jews are mentioned.

The Holocaust is not mentioned either. There is simply no information on why Jews might want to have their own homeland in the region.

There is plenty of other anti-Israel bias in wording and choice of incidents.

According to this official UN history, Palestinians have not attacked, let alone killed, a single Jew. The only aggression mentioned is from Jewish and Zionist groups.

The UN’s anti-Israel bias is unmistakable, even in this public document that is pretending to be objective.

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