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The prestigious “World’s 50 Best Guide” offers food for thought on Israeli cuisine.

By Pesach Benson, United With Israel

“The World’s 50 Best Guide” announced its 50 best restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa earlier in February. Six Israeli restaurants made the list, with the highest ranking in at number three.

That makes Israel a high-end destination for food tourists — people travel the world to experience restaurants and wine tastings, or visits to food markets, producers or breweries. We’re talking about people who want to literally taste the world.

The rankings are based on 250 judges from 19 Middle East and North African countries — including Israel.

Israeli cuisine is on the map. Here are the six restaurants along with some of the comments from World’s Best 50.

No. 40 Milgo & Milbar, Tel Aviv.
“Chef Moti Titman’s courses are based on fresh seasonal vegetables, fish, seafood and meat. It’s fine-dining, but not quiet: with music, the buzz of chatter and the bell alerting the arrival of another course, there’s always excitement inside.”

No. 24 Pescado, Ashdod
“In 2009 chef Yehi Zino – along with Eran Jano, a third-generation fisherman – opened this kosher establishment, located next to Ashdod’s beach. A signature dish is a red drum’s fried crispy gill – enjoying a crispy outside and soft, tender inside.”


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No. 17 Animar, Tel Aviv
“Like many Israeli restaurants, Animar is best experienced when the food is shared by all guests at the table. Chef Hillel Tavakuli, who grew up in a Jewish Persian-Libyan household, combines the flavours of his home, mixed with Mediterranean and Turkish inspiration.”

No. 14 HaBasta, Tel Aviv
“In chef Elon Amir’s restaurant, dishes change daily depending on the market produce. They always include some preparations based on fresh vegetables, like masabbaha or cooked mangold and labne chess mezes.”

No. 9 George & John, Tel Aviv
“In his restaurant, chef Tomer Tal combines flavours and recipes from his Jewish-Moroccan heritage with seasonal raw products from Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market and fresh seafood from adjacent Jaffa Port.”


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No. 3 OCD Restaurant, Tel Aviv
“Each course is prepared and meticulously plated in front of the guests by chef Raz Rahav and his team. Rahav combines Israeli-inspired dishes and raw materials in OCD’s menu, giving them an unexpected interpretation.”


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None of the Israeli restaurants managed to crack into the overall international top 50, but that’s just a matter of time.

Israeli restaurants are not always kosher. Kashruth supervision should be checked before booking your reservations.

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