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IDF Home Front Command deployed across Israel to help deliver food to Israel’s poor during the latest corona lockdown. They again turn to the one organization that can help them complete this mission.

Israel’s Channel 13 recently highlighted the efforts of the IDF Home Front Command as they embark on a different kind of mission – delivering food to Israel’s poor.

The aid project is being carried out by the Humanity Corps. It is currently operated by several local Israeli authorities, and is designed to assist the families of corona patients confined to their homes.

These families receive deluxe food baskets, hot cooked meals, as well as leisure and craft baskets. Each basket and its contents are tailor-made according to the needs of the family it’s delivered to. It is then transported to the front door of the family’s apartment.

Additionally, the volunteers are responding to their specific requests while offering a helping hand at the same time.

The bridge between these local authorities and the IDF’s Home Front Command is an organization called Colel Chabad. That’s because Colel Chabad has decades of experience delivering food to the homes of Israelis who are unable to leave them. They provide them with basic staples and more. Needy Israelis, who for whatever reason are not only unable to leave their homes, but are also unable to afford food, have turned to Colel Chabad for over 232 years! This experience comes in handy, especially for those in home quarantine due to the coronavirus.

The news segment features Home Front Command troops working alongside the director of the Colel, Rabbi Mandy Blewi, who accompanies the project in close coordination with a wide array of volunteers.

“Throughout the year and especially during the corona period, Colel Chabad continues providing their expertise as well as their dedicated volunteers throughout the country,” says the organization’s director Rabbi Shalom Duchman. “This includes round-the-clock assistance – which led the IDF to contact us to manage the complex project.”

Without Colel Chabad, it’s hard to imagine how the IDF would be able to deliver the food to poor people efficiently. The nation of Israel owes Colel Chabad a great debt of gratitude for their holy work. But to continue in their important mission, Colel Chabad also needs help. That’s because the charitable organization runs on donations from Israel’s allies.

People who love Israel and don’t want to see Israelis starve have donated to Colel Chabad in the past. Unfortunately, many of those donations dried up as the corona-crisis hit. So if you were also financially hurt by the crisis, we understand if you can’t afford to donate. But if you weren’t, now could be your chance to prevent starvation in the Holy Land.

You can do that by donating any amount of money you see fit to Colel Chabad. That’s because these people are hungry and they need your donation now more than ever. Don’t let hunger get in the way of Israel’s holy mission in this world.

You can help. Donate to Colel Chabad today.

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