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caught red-handed

Israeli police in Negev town arrest three suspected of attempted kidnapping and assault of a young Jewish woman.


Police in Kiryat Malachi – a town in the upper Negev north of Be’er Sheva – arrested three people on suspicion of the attempted kidnapping and assault of a young Jewish woman.
The suspects, residents of the Bedouin town in the Negev Laqiya, were detained for questioning.

On Saturday night, police received a report of shouting and violence near a residential building in Kiryat Malachi. Kiryat Malachi police officers arrived at the scene and noticed a fleeing vehicle.

Police said that after the suspects in the car did not respond to their calls to stop, the force chased them. During the chase, police said the suspects endangered the lives of people on the road as well as the police, hit a private car and later breached a police checkpoint. After they were shot at, the suspects stopped at another checkpoint, where they fled from their vehicle and were caught after a short foot chase.

An investigation revealed that the suspects arrived at the residential building, where one of them allegedly tried to force a young woman with whom he had a prior acquaintance into his car. After she objected, they fled the scene. During their escape, they noticed a man holding a mobile phone, attacked him and robbed him of the device that was located later.

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