A rendering of a Toyota electric vehicle installed with Electreon wireless charging technology. (Credit: ELECTREON WIRELESS) ELECTREON WIRELESS
A rendering of a Toyota electric vehicle installed with Electreon wireless charging technology.


Israeli wireless charging provider Electreon announces partnership with leading car manufacturer for the integration of its technology into Toyota electric vehicles.

By United with Israel

Israeli company Electreon Wireless, which develops wireless chargers for electric vehicles, has announced an agreement with Toyota and car component manufacturer DENSO to apply Electreon’s wireless charging technology to Toyota electric vehicles.

Electreon announced that that the agreement came following a successful technology evaluation that took place at Electreon headquarters in Beit Yanai, Israel, and which saw the participation of teams from Toyota and DENSO.

The company explains on its website that its wireless charging technology is intended for both stationary applications and wireless Electric Road Systems (wERS) and can be deployed quickly. “We place our unique copper coils just below the surface of the road—along highways, at bus stations, in parking lots and at logistics centers. Deployment takes place at night to minimize disruption. The coils are then covered with asphalt and the Electric Road is ready to begin charging EVs.”

“Our goal is to pave it all over. Of course, we will start with terminals and main roads for buses, but the end goal is to pave it almost everywhere, and to be able to charge all types of vehicles,” explained Oren Ezer, CEO and Co-founder of Electreon, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Commenting on the partnership, Ezer said “we are honored to partner with Toyota and DENSO — two of the leading and most respected companies in the global automotive industry, to provide an overall game-changing solution with Electreon’s technology.”

“This partnership will make wireless charging accessible to a diverse and wide range of drivers and will demonstrate the many benefits of wireless charging as a cost-effective clean solution for charging EVs as well as a catalyst in reducing EVs’ carbon footprint,” Ezer added.

In a release, Electreon stated the parties’ intent moving forward. “The parties intend to promote technical development and adoption of wireless charging technology through the following joint activities: co-development of an aftermarket wireless kit for current electrified vehicles to utilize wireless charging technology today; integration of the wireless technology into new cars released to the market; collaboration to shape the standardization of wireless EV charging; collaboratively promote a joint pilot project in Japan, the U.S. or the EU, including commercial proof of business.”

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