On Friday, President Donald Trump’s envoys Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt got down to business with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to work on the long-awaited US peace plan.

By: World Israel News Staff

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump Jared Kushner and Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt in Jerusalem.

After visits to Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, Greenblatt and Kushner were expected to provide details of the US-sponsored peace plan to the Israeli premiere, with an eye to jump-starting negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, which has maintained a boycott of the Trump administration since its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the US’ subsequent embassy move.

While PA President Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly rejected the US’ role in the peace process since Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, King Abdullah II of Jordan met with Kushner and Greenblatt on Wednesday, declaring that the “US has an important role” in future talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

In addition to the peace plan, Greenblatt and Kushner also reportedly had the Gaza situation on their agenda, as the coastal enclave remains in the grip of the Hamas terrorist organization, which misappropriates humanitarian aid for terror attacks and uses civilians as human shields in its operations.

According to an unnamed American official quoted by the Jerusalem Post via a Channel 10 News interview, “So far nobody has any clear concept on how to solve the Gaza [humanitarian] crisis and we wish to talk about it with the Israelis and other regional countries.”

On Thursday, Greenblatt blasted Hamas on Twitter in a post translated into Arabic and Hebrew, slamming “murderous Hamas leaders [who] continue to squander the resources of Gaza.”

Greenblatt concluded, “The [Palestinian] people deserve better.”

Greenblat was also critical of the PA, which has refused to meet with the US delegation during its visit to Israel.

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