“This is the time for the global Jewish family to stand strong together, resilient in our faith,” said Rabbi David Stav of Tzohar organization, calling on supporters of Israel to visit now. 

As the IDF effort to root out terrorists in Gaza intensifies, the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization issued a direct call to Diaspora rabbis and communities to demonstrate their support for Israel – by choosing to come and visit the country at this time.

“Israel and our people are in an Et Tzara- a time of crisis,” said Tzohar Chairman Rabbi David Stav.  “The role of Jews all over the world must be to pray for the welfare of our soldiers and our people, but also to show your solidarity by choosing the next possible time to come and be with us.”

In a letter distributed to rabbis all over the world, Rabbi Stav said that particularly at this time of year on the Jewish calendar, during the “Three Weeks” when the Jewish people commemorate historical tragedies, it is incumbent that Israel not be forsaken.

“The IDF soldiers are not only protecting the citizens of Israel, they are risking their lives in defense of the entire Jewish People. It is important that we all show our moral and spiritual support now, not just through words but through action,”  Rabbi Stav said.

Despite the traditional custom to avoid extensive travel during the days preceding Tisha b’Av – the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, when the First and Second Temples were destroyed – supporting Israel in this time supersedes any such considerations, he added.

Tzohar, a religious Zionist organization that works regularly with rabbis from around the world to protect the Jewish future of Israel, announced that it has opened a special center to assist diaspora rabbis in all logistical and operational support to leading their communities to Israel.

Tzohar Executive Vice President Nachman Rosenberg said that the continuous Hamas rocket attacks could cause a further decrease in tourism. “This is harmful to the moral and economy of Israeli society. This is the time for the global Jewish family to stand strong together, resilient in our faith. For as our tradition has taught- If not now, when?”

The ground operations will be coordinated between Tzohar and Arnon Katz of Jewish Journeys who have volunteered their full support for the cause. Rabbis and community leaders interested in coordinating a mission can contact Rabbi Reuven Spolter at reuven@tzohar.org.il.

Source: Tzohar

Watch this video below, where the late Rabbi M.M. Schneerson, the Lubavitch Rebbe, tells Jews to visit during the Gulf War.