Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90) (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)
Ismail Haniyeh

He spoke glowingly of Haniyeh’s teaching at a time before the material was censored and Westernized. 

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

In a television interview, a former UNRWA official said Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh had been a teacher at UNRWA schools.

UNRWA official Ahmad Oueidat spoke with the London-based Al-Hiwar TV channel last week, and the interview was translated by MEMRI.

Ahmad Oueidat spoke glowingly of Haniyeh’s teaching at a time before the material was censored and Westernized.

In their operations in Gaza, the IDF has found virulently antisemitic materials in UNRWA schools which inculcate hatred of Jews in young children.

Queidat said, “First and foremost, we can mention Ismail Haniyeh, who was an UNRWA teacher, and so was Dr. Talal Naji, Secretary-General of the PFLP-GC.”

He added, “There used to be quality in [UNRWA’s] education. The teaching cadres really embraced their profession.”

“However, the Americans and the Zionists did not look at this favorably. This is why they insisted on interfering,” he explained.

“We, as UNRWA employees, had to deal with that interference. My final position was head of the Professional Development and Curriculum Unit, so I had to deal with it directly. They forced us to remove pictures and various topics,” he concluded.

Queidat made it clear that he believed the US’s attempt to influence UNRWA to teach inclusivity was resented by UNRWA employees.

“They planted [in the curricula] topics that have nothing to do with our values and our heritage, under the fancy slogans like neutrality, independence, impartiality, and humanity – as if UNRWA was not humane and neutral before,” Queidat said.

He added, “The Israelis, the Americans, and the Western politicians felt that as long as UNRWA upholds its goals, it constitutes a source of danger. This is why [they decided] to corrupt it.”

It has recently been revealed that 12 UNRWA workers participated directly in the October 7th massacre with thousands of others having ties with terrorist groups in Gaza.

One UNRWA schoolteacher took part in the abduction of an Israeli woman and boasted of the abduction to family and friends.

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