Multiple Language Translation

It stands to reason that the more languages we offer, the more people we can attract. At present we reach only English speakers. Our framework would remain the same while the number of supporters would skyrocket.

A staff of translators would give us the ability to translate our websites, social media communication (including multiple Facebook pages, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, private networks, etc.), email newsletters, charity campaigns and action items into languages where we would have a huge number of supporters: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic and Korean are at the top of the list of over 20 languages that are needed. United with Israel is inundated with requests to translate our content into our supporters’ native languages.

Local Advocacy Around the World

Establishing local branches is essential for effective Israel advocacy. Issues are different in Madrid than they are in Melbourne or Manila. We can be instrumental in planning pro-Israel events that are tailored to individual communities. Having a local presence in communities around the world will enable us to expand our activities significantly.

To start, Facebook pages would be established for nearly every country in the world. For example, Argentina United with Israel, Australia United with Israel and so on. Some of these would be managed by our staff of translators and some by volunteers either in Israel or abroad. The active members of these communities would form the core of our grassroots advocacy groups. This concept would also apply to cities, states and provinces within the United States and Canada.

Your donation can help to make our the UWI Foreign Language Initiative a reality!

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