Contrary to popular belief, Israel’s refusal to cede control of Judea and Samaria has prevented a large-scale Middle East war.

The architects of the so called “Middle East Peace Process” have spread the notion that a future war with the Arab states could be prevented if only Israel would concede the strategic mountain range protecting the Jewish state from an invasion from the east .

The Arab states say the opposite, though.

Following Israel’s stunning victory after the Arab states launched a surprise attack against Israel on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar in 1973, the Arabs became convinced that they could not destroy Israel militarily while Israel held on to the Golan Heights and Judea and Samaria, which Israel won in the Six Day War of 1967.

Subsequently, the Palestinians adopted a new three-stage strategy for Israel’s destruction in June, 1974, under which they planned to: (1) use terrorism to pressure Israel to cede territories; (2) establish an “independent combatant national authority” in those territories; and (3) use those territories to provoke an all-out war in which Israel’s Arab neighbors could destroy the Jewish state entirely.

The Arab League Summit gave its support to this “Phased Plan” in October, 1974 and, true to their word (and sequence of events), Arabs have not attempted a new invasion of Israel in more than four decades.

Watch as military leaders and other experts explain why the Arab states need to receive Judea and Samaria diplomatically before again attempting to invade Israel and it will be clear why Israel can never return to its 1967 Borders.

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