Hezbollah supporters in Beirut, Lebanon. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar) AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

Grown men asking young girls for their piggy banks? Clerics telling people to sell kidneys to buy bombs? Welcome to Hezbollah 2019!

Amid Hezbollah’s spiraling financial crisis, the terror group has adopted some unorthodox fundraising strategies to accompany their traditional means of support, which historically include international drug trafficking and handouts from sugar-daddy Iran.

In 2019, Hezbollah has taken to begging for money on TV, even from children, spotlighting kids that send the terrorists their piggy banks. Hezbollah criminals are also encouraging their minions to sell organs and pawn their homes to raise money for terror activities.

Perhaps the one sensible step the Iranian proxy has taken is retreat from Syria. With funds from the near-bankrupt Islamic Republic drying up, the terror group is slashing fighters’ salaries and sending forces back home to Lebanon.

Their financial ruin can’t come too soon!