Hezbollah terrorists make Nazi salute in Lebanon, 2017 (AP/Mohammed Zaatari) (AP/Mohammed Zaatari)
Hezbollah terrorists

Eleven years ago, Hezbollah unilaterally launched rockets into Israel and kidnapped IDF soldiers, starting the Second Lebanon War.

Unprovoked, Hezbollah fired rockets at Israel’s civilian population and kidnapped two IDF soldiers, sparking the Second Lebanon War, on July 12, 2006.

The war, also known as the Israel–Hezbollah War, saw the terrorist group firing some 200 rockets a day into Israel, displacing almost half a million Jews whose homes did not have rooms fortified against bombs.

At the time, Hezbollah had a rocket arsenal of about 12,000.

Watch to see what was supposed to happen to that arsenal according to the cease fire agreed to and upheld by Israel. What actually happened to Hezbollah’s arsenal is another matter, leaving Israel bracing for the terror organization’s next move.

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