The great-grandmother of Prince William spent her years during World War II saving a Jewish family from the Nazis’ clutches.

An important part of Prince Williams visit to Israel was to pay his respects at the grave of his great-grandmother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, honored as “Righteous Among the Nations” and buried in Jerusalem.

During World Ward II, the princess managed to deceive the Gestapo agents by using her congenital deafness to pretend that she didn’t understand what they were saying to her.

Watch and see how Tilde, Rachel and Freddy Cohen were saved by the selflessness and bravery of the Princess.

WATCH: Princess Alice of Battenberg saved Jews during the Holocaust and was named as one of the "Righteous Among the Nations". This week, her great-grandson Prince William is paying his respects to her grave in Jerusalem. For stories of extraordinary women, like our page now— Cup of Jane

Posted by Cup of Jane on Thursday, June 28, 2018