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Colel Chabad heals terminally ill children in hospitals throughout Israel with a Hanukkah Miracle. Watch the video and join the movement!

Here’s something most people don’t know; Maimonides, one of Judaism’s top Torah sages, was the first to understand how psychosomatic disorders work.

The theory goes as follows: some physical diseases are thought to be particularly prone to being worsened by mental factors such as stress and anxiety. Conversely, the healing process can take place when one is stress-free and happy.

In Israel’s children’s hospitals, where many young kids are suffering from life-threatening sicknesses, a gift, (especially a Hanukkah gift) is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. According to Maimonides’ theory, this happiness is an important part of the healing process.

The problem is that for many hospitalized kids, their parents have gone broke trying to afford expensive treatments like chemotherapy and invasive surgeries. This means that they need to cut back on many luxuries – including holiday gifts for their suffering kids.

Thankfully, there is one organization that is stepping up and trying to heal them with some awesome Hanukkah gifts – Colel Chabad.

This Hanukkah, Colel Chabad is traveling to the children’s wards in virtually every hospital throughout Israel to give really fun presents to all of the kids being treated there. And once these young patients receive those gifts, it brightens up their day like the everlasting flame of a Menorah.

And thanks to donors worldwide, Colel Chabad can embark on their holy mission of healing Israel’s sick children on this miraculous holiday. But in order to continue doing so, they need help. And that’s why this important charity is turning to friends of Israel throughout the world…friends like you.

Can you help heal a sick Israeli child this Hanukkah?

If the answer is yes, please consider donating (any amount) to Colel Chabad.

Remember – In Genesis 12:3, God says he will bless those who bless Israel. There aren’t many better ways to bless Israel than to heal it’s children while they suffer. Now is the time to bring a smile to their face. Give them the Hanukkah miracle of a present that their parents couldn’t otherwise afford.

Click here to donate to Colel Chabad today.