Why is it so important for us to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons when other countries already possess a number of them? Journalist Bret Stephens explains why.

In 1980, Ayatollah Khomeini stated, “I say, let this land burn. I say, let this land go up in smoke,” referring to Iran in a declaration of faith for Allah.

Why should we be concerned about allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons? The answer is simple. Unlike peaceful countries which do have nuclear weapons, the Iranian regime adheres to an extremist ideology that insists nuclear weapons MUST be used. This is why we need a good nuclear deal. Not the bad deal that currently exists.

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The US Congress must ensure that sanctions against Iran remain in force until the nuclear threat is completely eliminated.

I strongly oppose easing sanctions before the nuclear threat from Iran has been eliminated. Allowing Iran to enrich uranium without being subject to 'anytime, anywhere' inspections is extremely dangerous and unacceptable. Iran's nuclear program must be stopped.

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