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Yom NCSY Israel

More than 2,500 Jewish teens from around the world gathered in the center of the country to show their support for Israel.

Thousands of Jewish youth, from a variety of backgrounds, countries and different programs run by NCSY, a Jewish youth group under the auspices of the Orthodox Union, came together this week in Park Ra’anana, in the center of the country, to celebrate Israel and show their support.

The Yom NCSY event is the highlight of their summer for these teens, who sang and danced along with the festive music and, most of all, celebrated their love of Israel.

With today’s Jewish youth facing the challenges of anti-Semitism, BDS and assimilation, coming together in the Jewish homeland is a strengthening force that lasts long after they return to their families.

The joy and positive energy made it clear that Israel is the uniting force for Jews all over the world, irrespective of religious affiliation, country of birth or cultural differences.