Lihi Aharon (L) and the anti-Semitic attacker who assaulted her in New York. (Lawfare Project/Courtesy) (Lawfare Project/Courtesy
Lihi Aharon

Two Jews on the New York subway, an Israeli woman and an American man, were viciously attacked by an anti-Semite who praised the Jersey City massacre and left the woman bleeding.

When Israeli Lihi Aharon boarded the New York City subway in Manhattan following her school’s induction ceremony, she found herself on the receiving end of a vicious physical assault directed at her and an older Jewish man who happened to sit next to her.

Aharon captured footage of the horrific, violent attack on her phone, which left her with a massive bleeding scratch on her face. But Aharon, didn’t take the abuse sitting down; she fought back with all her might, removing the attacker from the train before she could harm anyone else.

After the police intervened, the anti-Semitic attacker spewed profanities, quoted the Quran, and called Aharon a “stinking a** serpent Jew.”

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