Moran Samuel. (Noam Moskowitz/Flash90) Noam Moskowitz/Flash90

Israeli athlete Moran Samuel suffered a spinal stroke in her 20s, but that hasn’t stopped her from competing on the international stage at the highest levels.

During her service in the Israeli Air Force, Moran Samuel continued to hone her skills on the hard-court, eventually joining the Jewish state’s national basketball team.

While a spinal stroke in 2006 left her unable to walk, Samuel never lost her fighting spirit, working with the Paralympic Sports Association team to re-establish the Israeli women’s wheelchair basketball team.

In addition to her central role in Israel’s paralympic basketball team, Samuel is also a world-class competitor in the sport of rowing, representing Israel at the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games in London. In 2015, Samuel won several gold medals, including a world championship, and is preparing to dominate the 2020 Paralympics.