Palestinian demonstrators throw stones towards Israeli security forces. (Haytham Shtayeh/Flash90) (Haytham Shtayeh/Flash90)
Palestinian terror

A Jewish man from the Israeli community of Eli fought off two Palestinian terrorists armed with bats and knives.

The past six months have witnessed almost-daily Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. 32 people have been murdered and over 360 injured.

In this case, the terrorists got a taste of their own medicine. After being chased away from the house, Israeli security forces located and killed them.

The attackers had eneted the house at around 5:30 AM to the horror of the startled family, but were no match for a man who wasn’t ready to become another victim.

Don’t miss the amazing account by his wife who says her husband is a “big hero” and thanks God for performing a modern-day miracle.

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