Kerry said that there will be no separate peace between Israel and the Arab world before a two-state solution with the Palestinians is reached.

US Secretary of State John Kerry made his remarks Sunday to Atlantic Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg at the Saban Forum 2016 in Washington D.C.

Kerry stressed his point, saying he wanted to make it very clear to everybody.

The Obama administration diplomat, who headed the failed Israel-Palestinian peace negotiations, said he met with leaders of the Arab community, who affirmed that there can be no separate peace agreement with the Arab world without a two-state solution to the conflict with the Palestinians.

Listen to Kerry emphasize his convictions.

Israeli Towns Destroyed by Fire. Can You Help?

As a result of raging wildfires that ripped throughout the Land of Israel, causing the destruction of houses, schools and entire towns, over 80,000 Israelis have been evacuated from their homes.

The stunning news that many fires were the result of arson perpetrated by Israel's 'enemies within' has sent shock waves and fear throughout the land.

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Send Passover Packages to Needy Israeli Soldiers - Bring Them Joy!

We are honored to thank the young men and women of the IDF who risk their lives every day to protect the citizens of Israel. Since October 7th, soldiers have been on the battlefield for months - many are hoping to come home for Passover.

Join us in sending Passover food packages (and personal notes) to Israeli soldiers and their families.

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