Media outlets that were on hand to cover the reaction of IDF soldiers to a violent attack by teenagers dropped the story altogether when the soldiers did not react.

Video editing is playing a more and more prominent role in the propaganda war against the Jewish state.

Although the majority of Gazans injured in Israeli strikes against missile launch pads are adult Hamas terrorists, camermen stationed at Gaza’s hospitals only send images of children arriving at the emergency room.

In the most recent attempt at such a “Pallywood” production (a play on the words “Palestinian” and “Hollywood”), Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian 17-year-old whose parents trained her to violently attack IDF soldiers from a tender age, attempted to provoke an on-camera reaction from an IDF soldier.

Standing near the scene of many attacks against the IDF at the edge of Nabeh Saleh, she joined another teen in repeatedly abusing a soldier and eventually slapped and kicked him when her lesser provocations were unsuccessful.

When even the slap failed to draw a reaction, the media ignored the story – it didn’t fit the Palestinian narrative.

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