The U.K. Pink Floyd Experience rocking Tel Aviv. (screenshot) screenshot
The U.K. Pink Floyd Experience rocking Tel Aviv. (screenshot)


On Saturday night, a popular U.K. cover band rocked out in Tel Aviv, defying calls to boycott Israel from BDS bully Roger Waters, whose music the band performs.

The U.K. Pink Floyd Experience played to a packed house in Israel over the weekend, performing big hits and deep cuts alike from the beloved psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd.

The concert almost didn’t happen due to a prolonged campaign by former Pink Floyd frontman and current BDS proponent Roger Waters, who tried to bully the band into cancelling the performance.

While the band appeared to cave several months ago, announcing the concert’s cancellation, Israeli promoter Ziv Rubinstein flew to the U.K. and convinced the band to play in Israel.

Judging by clips from the performance, the band did not regret their decision to rock out in the Holy Land!