Palestinians burn pictures of Trump. (Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90) Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90
Palestinians burn pictures of Trump.

Palestinian poet Adnan Balawneh has a vile message for Trump regarding what he’d like the American president to do with his peace plan.

“We’ll redeem Palestine with blood, it’s not a toy you can play with, and it’s not your father’s inheritance, you idiot, so that you can divide it and give it as a gift, and nonchalantly hold your summit and summon the traitors to you,” says a Palestinian poet named Adnan Balawneh in a vile new piece he penned for U.S. President Donald Trump.

“Over our dead bodies, we won’t let it pass, and if you want to overstep my limit, Trump, we’ll blind you; and if you want war – we’ll declare it and only Allah will be able to extinguish it,” he continues, in a translation provided by Palestinian Media Watch.

“Trump, gather up this deal quickly, fold it and roll it up, you idiot, put it in the center, and shove it up your a**,” the poem concludes.

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