Anti-Israel protestors in Switzerland. (AP Photo/Keystone /Lukas Lehmann) AP Photo/Keystone /Lukas Lehmann
Anti-Israel protestors in Switzerland. (AP Photo/Keystone /Lukas Lehmann)

Defying its nation’s official position against funding lawsuits targeting the Jewish state, the Swiss Foreign Ministry was caught covertly funneling millions of dollars to Palestinian organizations that pursue anti-Israel cases.

Ben-Dror Yemini, an Israeli journalist and the author of “Industry of Lies” explains how Switzerland and pro-Palestinian groups team up in efforts to malign Israel at the International Criminal Court, in addition to pursuing the Jewish state in other lawsuits

According to a report by watchdog group NGO Monitor, the Swiss government has directly funded this anti-Israel legal activity to the tune of $2 million at a minimum.

The Swiss Foreign Ministry transfered the funds even though the Swiss government officially ended support for a Ramallah-based anti-Israel group over its support for the BDS movement.

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