The call has been sounded for revolution in Switzerland from a group calling itself the Central Islamic Committee of Switzerland. 

The video produced by the Central Islamic Committee of Switzerland is titled: “Expect us Anywhere, Anytime!”

It features high-quality production values, reminiscent of the videos that the Islamic State has been producing. Ironically, it plays out with a sinister, ominous tone that hits the crescendo with Muslims rushing out of a forest. The video claims to seek the free rights of Muslims in Switzerland, but the message comes across as being about domination.

The video caused a public outcry in Switzerland when it was released. The 400,000 Muslims in Switzerland constitute a mere five percent of the country’s population. From watching the video, it’s understandable why there was a public outcry. No wonder it was banned! We question how long before such videos are produced for the rest of Europe and beyond. Is it just a matter of time? How would you feel if they made a video like this in your country?

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