While Mustafa claims to be a Belgian “BDS activist” working with a “human rights” organization for political prisoners, the truth is far from that.

Mustafa Haled Awad, a well-known “BDS activist,” has been very busy lately.

You see, Mustafa is a Belgian who works with Samidoun-Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network (Samidoun), an organization that operates in the U.S., as well as in the Middle East, Europe and Canada and claims to be a human rights group advocating for political prisoners,

As it turns out, Samidoun is a front for the PFLP terror group, and Mustafa has been busy delivering money to terrorists and training with Hezbollah. This year, he was arrested trying to enter Israel from Jordan.

It turns that Mustafa the “BDS activist” is nothing more than an old-fashioned terrorist.