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The U.S. State Department refused to label “Palestinian” teen fire-bomber Arrawa Hammad a “terrorist.” Israeli forces used deadly force to prevent him from hurling a Molotov cocktail into commuters traveling on an Israeli highway.

(Photo: FLASH90)

(Photo: FLASH90)

We have seen a tremendous increase in the amount of media bias that’s been going on since Operation Protective Edge. United with Israel has posted about this topic in their article – Headlines Humanize Hamas Baby-Killer Terrorist. Personally, I think this is one of the most important articles I’ve seen published in the last few months.

I want to question the decision of the US State Department in not labeling Hammad as being a terrorist. Is it because of his age? Is it because he’s a “Palestinian”? How does one become a terrorist? And one last important question. If this kid was about to throw a firebomb onto a busy highway in New York, would he then be considered a terrorist?

In my opinion, the answer is obvious. This kid had a firebomb in his hand and he was about to throw it into an Israeli highway. At the very least, he could have damaged some cars. At the worst, he could have murdered innocent civilians. He is a terrorist. His intent was murder and if not for the fact that the IDF took him out, he would have killed someone.

If this had happened in the US, I have no doubt that two things would happen. The kid would be labeled as a terrorist immediately. No doubt. And the soldier who killed him would probably be given a medal. The double-standard that I see taking place is disgusting. And unfortunately, I see it all too often.

The Sickening Double-Standard

During the Operation Protective Edge conflict, Arabs put their children in the direct line of fire. Innocent children were used as human shields and their deaths were mourned all over the world. And who was to blame? Israel. Not Hamas. And other civilians were murdered. But what do you expect when you fire from schools, hospitals and heavily populated areas as was well documented throughout the conflict? Forget about the circumstances though. How many innocent civilians have the US killed while fighting the Islamic State? Where is the condemnation? The anger from the world?

The United States is not Israel. A different standard applies.

What would happen if the US actually called Hammad a terrorist? Israel would be justified. By refusing the label, Israel is automatically demonized. There are so many anti-Semites out there now, they don’t even need an excuse to hate Israel more than they do. So in a case like this, people won’t look at the situation objectively. Emotion rules the day.

So tell me something. Let’s look at the situation objectively.

1. A teenager was in the process of throwing a firebomb onto an Israeli highway.

2. There were cars passing by.

3. If the bomb were thrown, people would have most likely been killed.

4. An IDF soldier shot the kid in the head.

5. No Israeli civilians were harmed.

Those are the facts.Should Israel be condemned? Is the kid a terrorist? Is the soldier a hero?


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Article by Dan Wener

He lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh.