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Partygoers at the Supernova Psy-Trance Festival

October 7, 2023, began like any ordinary day for attendees of the Nova Music Festival in Re’im, Israel.

However, as the sun rose that Shabbat morning, missiles struck Israel’s Iron Dome, followed by Hamas terrorists infiltrating the area and shooting indiscriminately.

The festival, a place of comfort and joy, transformed into a horrific bloodbath, resulting in over 300 deaths and 40 abductions.

“Nova,” a 54-minute film, meticulously documents this atrocity.

Using dramatic eyewitness accounts from survivors and first responders, alongside real-time footage from multiple sources, the film provides a harrowing and detailed account of the massacre.

Directed by Dan Pe’er, “#NOVA” showcases raw, unfiltered footage, revealing the true horrors of that day.

We must put pressure on Netflix to show this crucial documentary and raise global awareness of the October 7 massacre.

By featuring “Nova” on their platform, Netflix can ensure the world does not forget the tragedy and help honor the victims.

Let your voice be heard—demand Netflix to stream “Nova” now.


1. Enter the link: Netflix Title Request


2. Request the documentary: “Nova by Dan Pe’er” in each of the slots (there are a total of 3, fill them all with the same answer).


3. Share this article with friends and family! Every voice matters; together we can make it happen!

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