Yahya Al-Sinwar's book: The Thorn and The Carnation. (Screenshot) (Screenshot)



In a shocking revelation, it has come to light that both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, two of the largest book retailers, are prominently displaying a book authored by Yahya Al-Sinwar, the leader of Hamas terrorist organization.

Yahya Al-Sinwar's book- The Thorn and The Carnation. (Screenshot)

This book, titled “The Thorn and The Carnation,” serves as a disturbing testament to terrorism, glorifying Sinwar’s involvement in violent acts, including the reprehensible October 7 massacre.

“The Thorn and The Carnation” delves into Sinwar’s life and chronicles his experiences.

What is truly alarming is the book’s portrayal of Sinwar as a heroic figure, glorifying his role in orchestrating terror attacks against innocent civilians.

The description of the book shamelessly boasts of Sinwar’s involvement in planning the October 7 massacre, glorifying violence against innocent civilians.

It is appalling that these platforms allow such material to be sold on their sites, providing a platform for terrorists to propagate their twisted ideologies.

Thankfully, the public’s efforts have already led to the removal of “The Thorn and The Carnation” from the shelves of Barnes & Noble.

Despite claims from Amazon that they have taken the book down, it remains available and in stock on their platform, illustrating the urgent need for action.

It’s time for Amazon to follow suit and remove this hateful propaganda from its listings. Failure to do so not only condones terrorism but also risks further radicalization and harm.

In the face of such blatant glorification of terrorism, it is imperative that we stand united in the fight against terrorist propaganda.

Terrorist organizations like Hamas thrive on spreading fear and hatred, and allowing their propaganda to be disseminated only emboldens them further.

ACT NOW and condemn Amazon’s support for terrorism.

Go to the book’s page and click on: “Report an issue with this product or seller”


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