The Human Rights Human Wrongs film festival in Norway has refused to screen an Israeli film focusing on disabled Israeli children. This is a blatant anti-Semitic move and the organizers must be condemned for this decision. Help us change their minds by protesting!


Norwegian documentary festival, Human Rights Human Wrongs, has refused to screen an Israeli film that focuses on the lives of disabled children in Israel. Ketil Magnussen, CEO of Oslo Dokumentarkino, the organization that hosts the festival, said in an email to Israeli film director Roy Zafrani that he would not accept a film unless the film was about the ”illegal occupation” or the Israeli blockade of Gaza or discrimination against Palestinians.

Magnussen wrote on Facebook that he signed a petition supporting the boycott against Israel three years ago and was opposed to Israeli policies toward Palestinians. He also wrote that although his decision was not about an individual filmmaker or film, the aims of the boycott were right.

United with Israel recently published a story about the Norway film festival boycott, which explains the issue in further detail.
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Protest the festival’s anti-Semitic boycott!

Please email or call Mr. Magnussen.

Here is a sample letter: “I strongly oppose your decision to reject Zafrani’s film on disabled Israeli children. If your festival refuses to feature films of children in Israel, then you are guilty of the very same discrimination you falsely claim Israel has committed. I urge you to reconsider and correct your woeful mistake.”

Click here to email Mr. Magnussen. Alternatively, his email is

Phone: +47 95-18-51-09.

Thank you!!!

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